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Vegetarians and Vegans in Toronto [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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New Items! [May. 11th, 2009|03:27 pm]
Please check out my newly updated webstore: www.purrfectpineapples.com

Buy Handmade
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Purrfect Pineapples Auction for Farm Sanctuary! [Mar. 17th, 2009|04:57 pm]
Please check out my auction on CharityBuzz.com! I have donated lingerie to be a part of this auction.

Meaning: you get to custom order or buy $350 worth of lingerie off my website or Etsy shop if you win!

All proceeds go to Farm Sanctuary!
For more info on Farm Sanctuary and what they are all about, please visit:

Happy bidding!!


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(no subject) [Oct. 19th, 2008|02:16 am]
hello friends, i'm in town until monday. is there any good place to get breakfast/brunch in TO? I was just at this really good place in Brooklyn with vegan tofu curry scramble that I'm craving, but I'll take anything. Also, is there any place else that is not-to-miss to eat? ive been to fresh and fressen before. i'm in town all the time so i don't have to make it everywhere this time, but i try to eat on the healthy(ish) side. Thanks!
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Vegan Nutrition [Aug. 11th, 2008|10:23 pm]
I'm wondering if anyone knows of or has been to a vegan-friendly nutritionist in Toronto. I have been vegan for 4 years and I'm not about to stop, but I feel like I need some extra guidance. I'm not looking for just ANY nutritionist because paying someone to tell me that I need dairy and/or fish in my diet is a no go. Any help would be sweet! Thanks.
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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2008|10:56 am]
Hey. Can anyone tell me the absolute best vegan food in the TO? I'm coming up on Sunday and I haven't gotten any good food in NY since I moved here in November. I don't care how much it costs, cos my moms is coming from Los Angeles and I'm making her pay.

also second best places are good too, cos i'll be there a lot more now, and me and the bf and the pug are planning on moving in a year.
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Introduction [Mar. 14th, 2008|02:53 pm]
I'm back on Live Journal

Name's Vanessa Nicole
Seventeen years old
Vegetarian 4 Years
Vegan One month

So why did everyone decide to convert?

Sorry if I'm cliche, but.
I did it for the animals.
They deserve it (:
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strictly ital restaurant [Mar. 13th, 2008|08:56 pm]
have any of you been to strictly ital, a vegan caribbean restaurant at eglinton/allen rd? i've driven past it many times but haven't eaten there. am very curious to try though!
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Juicer recipes [Feb. 23rd, 2008|04:35 am]

So I finally got myself a juicer and already I have made some awesome juices with it. But of course, I'm yearning for more. Does anyone have any online resources for juice recipes that they can suggest? Any help would be appreciated!
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Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler [Jan. 30th, 2008|06:30 pm]

[music |john lennon: imagine]

Rethinking the Meat-Guzzler

From The New York Times:

Once, these animals were raised locally (even many New Yorkers remember the pigs of Secaucus), reducing transportation costs and allowing their manure to be spread on nearby fields. Now hog production facilities that resemble prisons more than farms are hundreds of miles from major population centers, and their manure “lagoons” pollute streams and groundwater. (In Iowa alone, hog factories and farms produce more than 50 million tons of excrement annually.)

Animal welfare may not yet be a major concern, but as the horrors of raising meat in confinement become known, more animal lovers may start to react. And would the world not be a better place were some of the grain we use to grow meat directed instead to feed our fellow human beings? Full story; see also "Eating as if the Climate Mattered."

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Vitamin LJ [Oct. 23rd, 2007|12:38 am]

A frivolous topic: Does anyone have any lj userpics with veg*n themes to share? I have a Vitamin-LJ deficiency that I need to correct.
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